Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

Sat 15th Feb & 16th of Feb, 2020

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Forest Hill, Melbourne

Sat 14th Mar & 15th of Mar, 2020

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Perth City, Perth

Sat 21st Mar & 22nd of Mar, 2020

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Sydney Central, Sydney

Sat 18th Apr & 19th of Apr, 2020

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Delivering Incisive Import Training Courses Across Australia

A better choice for local entrepreneurs. The Importing Club of Australia offers an unmissable opportunity for business-minded people around the country. We run our two-day import seminars at a variety of locations in major cities across Australia, helping everyone get the knowledge and understanding they need not just to start their own importing business, but to make it a success that fits neatly into their preferred lifestyle.

We want to open the door to prosperity to everyone, so we offer our import courses absolutely free. Simply choose your nearest location from the menu, tell us how many tickets you want and register today. We will provide you with the knowledge you need to make savvy decisions on your road to building your importing business, helping you avoid common pitfalls and capitalise on underserved markets to your benefit. Make the smart decision and reserve your space today.

Nurture your business idea

If you’ve got the next big business idea, we want to help you bridge the gap between imagination and reality. Our import courses have been designed from the ground up to give you real, practical, actionable advice on every step to take from initial enquiries to making your first, fiftieth and five hundredth sale.

We’ll explain to you why your business’ supply chain should start in the factories of China. Our experienced speakers will break down the cost-savings on offer and explaining how you go about building a logistical network that’s strong and reliable but also capable of the flexibility the modern, agile business needs. Led by club founder Ian Schoots and successful importer Adam Peterson and featuring a host of talented guest speakers, our seminars are the perfect choice for anyone looking to make the smart moves towards a successful importing business.

Take the first step

Make the right choice for your future business and register today for your nearest Importing Club of Australia seminar. Any questions? Get in touch with our team today on (03) 9796 4447 or send us your questions via email  at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.