Learn How To Start An Import Business In Australia From the Best

There’s no better partner for your nascent import business than the Importing Club of Australia. Founded and led by veteran importer Ian Schoots, the Club provides essential support to new and existing importers, connecting them with experienced manufacturers and logistics companies. We help bridge the gap between China and Australia, allowing you to leverage years of experience operating in the import market for your own benefit, so your new business is starting with more resources and better support than the competition.

All Importing Club of Australia workshops are free to attend and give you valuable information that’s relevant and essential to anyone looking to start their own importing business. Learn from some of the country’s best and most successful importers and approach your business idea with a new certainty. Register your place at one of our regular seminars to learn more.

Taking you from concept to success

No successful importing business was ever started from just a vague idea. We help you break down your initial business concept and rebuild it into something concrete, actionable and competitive.

So much more goes into building a successful business before you even register an ABN. We help you find under-serviced parts of the market or areas of untapped demand, then work from there to determine which of the respected manufacturers in our network is best suited to your product. You’ll learn how to build an online audience that’s hungry for your product’s release date and how to work through the development cycle with your manufacturer to refine your product. We’ll coach you on how you protect your business and your intellectual property, and on how you can get the best deal when placing your commercial order and arranging freight before launching to online market. Get the best for your future business and work with the Importing Club of Australia.

Make your first move a smart one

Start a conversation with the team at our Melbourne office on (03) 9796 4447 or send us your questions through our contact page or via email at [email protected] to learn more.