Create Your Own Importing Business

We have been running this workshop for over 6 years now so we know what you want to hear about…

Some of what we will show you:

  • HOW To easily work out what to Import we show you 7 strategies you can immediately apply after returning home
  • HOW to take advantage of eBay to sell your products even in competitive markets! We reveal 20 Hot Tips that will get your Imported Products Selling Consistently through eBay
  • HOW to quickly improve your existing business… perfect if you have an existing business selling stock, and if you want to suck the biggest return on investment from every sale you make
  • Little-known MARKETING secrets that are working right now… to help you attract a steady stream of buyers, and get closer to time and money freedom
  • WHY Alibaba is a risky platform to find Chinese suppliers… and why we would never recommend it as a reputable source. In fact unlike others we don’t give you a useless list of suppliers… we go one step further and SHOW you how you can find them easily and painlessly yourself
  • Simple WAYS to communicate effectively with Chinese Factories… these strategies will ensure you know what you are doing and how to consistently get great quotes
  • HOW to negotiate with Chinese Factories… this is one every new importer gets wrong. We will show you the reason and how you will always negotiate correctly
  • We SHOW you how to get started Part Time … we will give you the tools to get your importing business up and running without having to quit your day job or starve your existing business of your time
  • You will have the Opportunity to Network… at the end of Day 1 we all get together for a bit of a chat over a drink or two. Our events are always fun and this is just one of the reasons!
  • We will SHOW you how to become TIME RICH… being time poor sucks! I know it, you know it… everyone knows it. So I will show you how to release the shackles!

There is way too much content in our workshop to mention it here. Be rest assured that we will attempt to cover every aspect and if we don’t cover something you want to know just ask us at the workshop

easy01 All you need to do now…

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…See You at the Workshop!

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