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Forget Everything You’ve Heard… There Is Only One Way To Import Goods From China!

To find out more you’re invited to attend the Australian Importing Club’s how to import from China and sell online workshop event

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Free 2 Day Workshop Event

How to Import From China

I Am Glad You Found Us!

Hi there! My name is Ian Schoots and I am glad you found us!

I Am Excited You’re Here!

I am one of the founders of the Importing Club of Australia and we run FREE 2 day workshops on How to Import Products from China and then How to be Successful at Selling your Products on the Internet. So, if you have been thinking about importing and have been looking around for info on this subject then this is for you!

I understand your frustration trying to get info about importing as I was once in your position. There is so many “grey areas” when it comes to importing and the rules change constantly and if you take a wrong step you can find yourself in a lot of trouble!

That’s why we designed this workshop… to demystify the whole process of importing and help you avoid costly mistakes. We’ll help you identify the best products to import from China and show you how to source them, how to transport them and how to sell them. Anyone thinking of importing goods to Australia professionally should attend this workshop!

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When and Where the Workshops will be Held

Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

Sat 15th Feb & 16th of Feb, 2020

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Forest Hill, Melbourne

Sat 14th Mar & 15th of Mar, 2020

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Perth City, Perth

Sat 21st Mar & 22nd of Mar, 2020

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Sydney Central, Sydney

Sat 18th Apr & 19th of Apr, 2020

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Now you might be asking…

Why do you do these workshops free if the info is so valuable??

Well I can understand your curiosity… we run the workshop free of charge simply because it gives us the opportunity to offer membership to the Australian Importing Club to a large group of people who are genuinely interested in becoming a successful importer. But even if you don’t join us your going to get tons of great free information that can get you started on your own.

I Guarantee Our Workshop Is Not a Pitch-Fest!

Be rest assured that just because we run the workshop free doesn’t mean that our import consultants are going to bombard you with sales pitches for this and that and a set of FREE steak knives!… we hate those types of events and wouldn’t dream of putting you through that.

How to Import From China Workshop

We Will Show You How To Create Your Importing Business PART TIME!

I understand that most people are time poor… are you?

Well the great thing about our workshops is we will show you how to begin your importing business part time so (if you like) you can still go to work to pay the bills. This takes a huge risk element out of the whole system because you can still do what you are doing now until such time that importing products from China is your main source of income and you have your FREEDOM back again!

Not only that but if you’re in business already imagine how much it would benefit you from being able to source products directly from China that you already use or sell … it’s win win!

Get Your Freedom Back!

What Exactly Are We Covering?

Our Importing Workshops contain up-to-the-minute training and information based on what’s working now in our importing businesses.

Here’s just a taste of some of the topics we’ll show you in-depth at the workshop:


Amazon Australia is here to stay, and selling on Amazon is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Now is the time to jump on board and tap into the massive opportunity Amazon is presenting to Aussie sellers.

We’ll take you through step-by-step on product research, optimising your listing, and how to build sales velocity for your Amazon products.


We’ll cover a wide range of paid (and free) methods such as Google Ads and Facebook Advertising that you can use to get your products in front of the right people. You’ll learn how to drive hoards of buyers to your eCommerce so you don’t have to chase them one by one.


Forget what you think you know about eBay being a place to sell the junk from your garage – for Aussie sellers, eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces to sell your products!

We’re going to show you how to sell on eBay professionally – and to stand out from the crowd and outsell your competiton.


That’s just a taste of what you’ll learn, we’re also covering everything from finding a hero product, how to source that product from China, the latest eCommerce strategies, and how to set up your business to run on autopilot.

So what are you waiting for?

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